i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


as my head spins
it recalls a time,
when i was yours,
and you were mine.
nothing mattered,
nothing felt
like the way i feel,
the cards ive been dealt.

why do u feel so inclined
to say the shit thats on your mind
when nothing even sounds refined,
don't u wish u could just hit rewind?

i dont know where im going now,
i ask around
but nothing, now,
in one months time, i'll know my place
but right now i sit
in blank empty space.

im confussed,
im tierd,
i hate brad,
but he's just being a white person,
dumb republican incest raised piece of dog shit,
and not even buddy would shit out like that.
i hate people
people named brad that is.
he's a liar,m
told people i left his place a mess when in fact,
my mom was shocked to hear that cause last time i stayed there,
he called her to say hpw immaculate the houyse was.
oh well,
liars suck.
hey gurl!

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