i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


and so it was told
from mouth to unexpectant ear,
was something i wasn't supposed to hear...
but there it was
out, aloud
and for a moment,
my heart beat proud,
for i knew i'd know
there was no doubt,
somebody, someday
would blurt it out!
the truth came oh so effortlessly,
when slipped from lips
that told it all to me...
i know now that you did what you did,
i also want you, one thing, to know,
is "Gurl u r a silly ho!"
cause i'm over it,
u make me sick,
how dare u disrupt my shopping trip!
i gots some Gussi and Versase,
come near me n i'll mase ur face!
cause i aint gots no mo time,
ugh, to think back when u were mine...
that's it!
i yawn, and so, for now, cause ur boring,

i quit!

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