i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


as the tables turn,
my head does spin,
but this time, i know,
i'm going to win.
for past is past
and presents good
thought i was wrong,
cause only one lays by my side,
only one,
and he, tonight,
bravely holds down the fort,
and licks the wounds
and makes things right.
only one,
i swore that you
would always be there too.
oh well,
it's not for me to fight,
my battles i won, all tonight.
are battles i hope you never have to fight
because you'll lose,
you're just wound up to tight.
 ok, we'll see,
theres no sense looking back on thee.
you proved your point,
i get it, blah!
i know you'll come back soon,
for more...

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