i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Under Pressure (Remix)

all the pressure crushing down on me,
seems to now, just be smoke and dust swirling around
causing me to sneeze, cough, and barely breath,
but i can breathe,
just breathe harder.
and so, it feels good.
as i inhale a huge cloud i know that there have been clouds before.
ones that stifled me,
broke me up,
destroyed me.
i won't be destrtoyed again.
this is my last dance,
this is my last chance,
this is myself,
under pressure...

it's been said that God gives you only what he knows you can handle.
oh really now!
as much as i hate to think this is true,
as i kiss Buddy's forehead,
give him a treat,
get licks and kisses back,
i know that we just went through possibly the hardest 2 weeks of our lives,
yet here we are.
at the Day's Inn Motel on Central Ave in Albany, excuse me, Colonie, New York.
it's 4:16 am,
i just slept about 8 hours,
my baby's in bed,
and i'm writing.
seems like nothing has really changed at all.
evil came in,
took over for a bit,
but in the end,
i'm here,
i'm alive,
and i'm doing just fine.

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