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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

happy bday mr president

so then theres a holiday that everyone looks forward too,
their own birthday.
creating and conceptualizing the ins and outs of making and maintaining a successful party for someone
is not the easiest thing to accomplish.
especially for a faggot.
especially when the faggot is your husband,
and that husband is a bitch.

so, i did what any well equipted and super multi-taskin boy would do.
i went on manhunt, craigslist, barebackrt, and put together a list of guys who i thought would be a successful "gathering" of men
to help blow out my mans candles,.
the requierment:
8 thick inches or more, don't cum for a week.
i met them all one by one, had coffee, let them know i was real.
showed em pics of the bf,
and told them the refreshment list i would be serving.
as the bday boy showered n cleaned out his mind...
they started coming, one by one, man byman.
then, the chaos started, and it ended 2 days later.
happy bday mr ex.
i know i had fun too...

my bday came uponus a few months later.
i think we went to olive garden and had twinkies for cake.
another reason an ex is an ex...

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