i was almost an abortion

Thursday, February 2, 2012

whatever they tell you

i was told by my ex,
that this blog was too sick,
that what i had to say
was what people didn't need to hear.
that i'm too harsh,
too repetitive,
too much in my black past...
but i feel that my past is my past,
i'm not shy,
not embaressed,
i would like to work more,
make more money,
but in general,
i'm happy.
i do what i do,
and that's all that i do,
i feel how i feel,
and i know that it's real.
there's so much to say
when you go your own way,
and the way that you go,
does not go with the flow.
it's bad that i listen
to the words of friends wisdom,
when i feel nothing but defense
when they give their two cents.
but alas, i must know
what they feel in their soul,
for i love them but don't
in the end,
want to know.