i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


all the days and all the nights filled with all the pain from all those vicious fights, drew all that blood from each one of those bites...
it's hard to turn back all the wrongs and somehow make them once again alright.

i'm tired of all the pain i've felt, it makes me sad when i see the cards i've been dealt. never in a million years, would i want to live my life in fear, but fear i've lived, and so, i fought, i said some things i should have naught. but the defense mechanism i used didn't work, instead it made things worse, and so, i'll try again, but a different approach. i only want the best, you see, and not just simply for me, but for everyone, i swear it's true, i want my life to start anew. we all say things we soon regret, we say them, and then deep down forget that what we say can't be erased, and so make amends, and hope it can be replaced.
i'm trying, truly, very hard.
i want you with me,
by my side.