i was almost an abortion

Friday, August 10, 2012

one two THREE

well here we are,
my final days,
i promise you
i'm going out in a blaze.
i told you once,
i told you twice,
all you had to be to me
was nice.
but nope you didn't listen to me,
and so now here's your destiny,
i'm counting down from three,
and when it hits
you'll see the real me.
here we go,
you ready?
i told you things would become unsteady.
you think that evil things you do
won't be discovered,
guess what
i've seen you do such awful things,
and so now it's time,
tick tock,
some people think they're better than,
better than what?
i don't understand.
i know you better than you think i do,
i aint stupid,
no baby,
that's you.
and so we are down to number one,
you thought you were the chosen son.
but family, is, as i've discovered,
nothing much more
they too shall be uncovered.

so i'm going to be nice,
and leave this now,
tomorrow i'll start up again,
and how...
so if your nice,
you'll say your peace,
you'll be nice,
and then i won't release
the evil, awful hideous things
i know about you,
because when they come out,
you know your through.
don't say that i didn't give you a chance,
and now it's time,
wanna take that chance?