i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


he didn't know where it came from or what inspired him to have such a revelation, but...all of a sudden, something clicked inside his head, and he understood that everything he had been overwhelmed by and all of the drama he had had to deal with were things that he had to change, and things he could change if he just did things a little differently. he had to take a stand, get organized, reevaluate everything and find out what was most important, take care of those things first, and then things would begin to change. it was really that simple. the ball was in his court, and the time was now. it had been too long since he was able to understand that what he didn't think was such a big deal, was turning everything he knew into a huge ordeal. 
and he was over it...

"it's all up to you" he told himself.
now or never, and you aint getting any younger...
there's no one else to blame,
nothing more to say,
nowhere left to turn.
the time had come,
and there was nothing else to do, but do it.