i was almost an abortion

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the body electric

power, force, motion, drive.

the basic essentials to let yourself truly achieve and construct anything, to it's fullest potential. without these there will always be something missing, something off. you need to be 100% and in top form.it's in there, somewhere. sometimes we feel it's okay to slack off at some point, and it is, but when you're
really into something, slacking off is not an option.

i am finishing the final layout for my new book, and as much work, as many hours, and as much drama has gone into it, i have been 2 million percent dedicated to it. it's my baby, and i have to say, it's pretty fuckin' amazing...when it's done, i will be sad, but in september, it'll all come back to me.

remember, the best things in life are free,
but the best things in life, also, are a lot of work.
the joy you get from working hard, causing yourself headaches and nightmares, will overshadow all of the bad, in time...it's easy to forget this, yet, at the same time, impossible to forget once you've felt it.
there's something in the air...
i feel it.