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Sunday, January 1, 2012

new years eve, 1990-Another Sleepless Night

new years eve, 1990
i was living with joe peguero, keith cokes and tina flindt, possibly her sister bernadete and her boyfriend too, in a two bedroom on 14th and 1st. keith was dating michael dionissiou, who i think i still hated at the time, not sure... it was new years eve, and we had a party, we always had a party. this one wasn't one of the memorable ones, like the one where scott thompson's boyfriend anted to kill keith, or the one where joe was sucking somebody (one of our female guests) boyfriends off in the bathroom, nor the one with the smoke machine...or the d.j., or the one we invited grace jones to, but it was a party nonetheless.
i had recently thrown the christmas tree out into the middle of 14th street, in front of a cop, so we had more room, and so, the room was packed, the music was playing, and we had fun. we always had fun.
at midnight, i played my favorite song at the moment, another sleepless night...everyone went wild, kissed, embraced, and everything was alright. that's all that mattered.
and so it was, the first minutes of 1990.