i was almost an abortion

Sunday, January 6, 2013

someday, maybe

Maybe one day,
someday, you'll see,
things you think you know about me
are in fact
not to be believed...
they are just illusions
of someone that i used to be.
maybe someday,
tomorrow, maybe?
today will just be history.
and all the things you used to say about me
will be washed away
like a distant memory.

the truth shall set you free

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Remix)

the boy had gone wild, 
                  that was his destiny...
 now, for the whole world to see.

was it possible?                     could it be?
had everything he'd ever known be  
              nothing more than just a dream?                     
his body shook, his twisted mind had somehow mistaken what seemed innocent fun for something much more...he didn't know how to comprehend it. how could someone so jaded, as he, be so blindly lulled into such a sense of peace and security by someone so obviously insincere. his first hint should have been seen more clearly and not second guessed, or sugar coated or made fun of. how did the headlights shine so directly into his eyes and he did not even squint? when did he lose his sense of security, and why, to this? he was not usually someone who let himself be fooled, definitely not someone who was the brunt of jokes, usually the one making the jokes. even exaggerating them and putting an even more twisted twist on their punchlines. but there it was, plain to see.
he was losing his grip on everything he had known and what once seemed secure and stable now felt shaky and crumbled down around his feet. his world was all of a sudden not what he remembered it used to be...it was something different, something dark, something blurry...something he never imagined he would be...someplace he never imagined he could go, somewhere he never, in a million years, thought his road would lead to...
yet, there he was.
and it didn't take him very long
 for him to get there, either...
he decided to close his eyes, for reality was not something he wanted to see. he wasn't comfortable with what his reflection exposed. he wasn't capable of comprehending that maybe, quite possibly, someone had seen the truth, and now, there was nothing he could do to hide the facts that were everything he always hid and ran from.
the truth shall set you free!