i was almost an abortion

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Once upon a time,
in quaint Victorian village
one early fall evening in October,
as a gust of wind swept fallen leaves
tinted yellow, red and orange,
up into the air, swirling swirling swirling,
a prince walked home from his long days battle,
lost, confused, and tired...
he wanted nothing more than to rest his weary head,
but alas,
that would not be his fate today...

45 years on earth,
most of them as a wise ass,
many of them as a hooker,
drug addict, and, many many other things that were lived on the edge...
never once have i been hit..
never once mugged,
and just when i was feeling safe.
out of no where, 
a guy walked toward me, gave me a slight snarled lip,
and then when our paths crossed,
right in my mouth with what must have been a brick
because my front tooth wiggled loose, and blood poured from my mouth,
and i fell into the street where luckily,
a family in an SUV who had seen it all,
pulled over and drove me home...
i went to the e.r. where i was given 3 stitches, and sent home.
long day,
long night,
long time coming....