i was almost an abortion

Monday, June 11, 2012

it's all about you

the screams could be heard worldwide, and even further.
people were talking,
and the things that they said...
some good, some bad,
some gagged while some gasped,
some thought he had gone too far,
while others thought he was just getting started.
but everyone,
no matter who they were,
were talking.
who cares if they liked it,
who cares if they loved it,
it was done, it was over,
it was a second in time
that would last forever.

let people talk,
let them say what they like.
you can't please everyone,
you can only please yourself.
so do what you want.
say what you will.
it's all about you.
it's your life,
it's your moment,
it's your time...