i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


so for forty days
and forty nights,
he tried to cum
with all his might...
he jacked, he fucked,
he cammed, he sucked,
with no avail,
and not much luck.
and then one day,
out of the blue,
he ate an asshole
and in two seconds blew.
with no warning
and without trying
it just popped out,
i swear,
i'm not lying!
it shot out fast
it shot out quick.
thank God he thought,
and then he quit.

I'm Glad You Came

The Wanted - Glad You Came

the sun goes down,
the stars come out,
and all that counts
is here and now
my universe will never be the same,
i'm glad you came...

you've cast a spell on me...
well, what you did anyway.
made me step back and rethink things i have done.
i, truly, am not a nasty person.
but my actions sometimes get misconstrued
and what i thought was cute,
turns out to be not so cute in the eyes of another.
i used to think i was just misunderstood,
now i see that i'm just mistaken for the actions of others.
maybe someone else had done something similar, but with a malicious twist.
maybe my "joke" dug deep into someone elses  very core,
and hurt them.
maybe it's not always all about me....
funny, i never really imagined it wasn't.
i guess none of us do.
and as the world spins on its axis,
there are millions of different stories,
takes on actions,
and counteractions that can go too far.

but, as always,
the sun comes up
the stars go down,
and all that's left
is here and now,
my universe
will never be the same,
i'm glad this realization came.

btw, i got this beautiful note on facebook last night...
i just wanted to share...
"Hey there..... I just had to share this with you..... Whenever you feel down on yourself, please remember the people like me who you inspired with your photography... Then when I met you and you were nice than I thought someone of your stature would be..... I'm glad that I can could you in my circle of friends :). That's all.... Sleep tight mr. Joe."