i was almost an abortion

Monday, May 13, 2013

gentlemen...may i have your attention please...


just when you think you've seen everything
along comes something that catches your eye
-and you gag.
i love these moments, because they always come at the most unexpected times, and are completely random. they leave an impression that pushes past the known boundaries and creates for itself a new space that it can clearly call it's own. it isn't pushy, it isn't contrived, it isn't fussy, instead, it's just exactly what it should be...
raw, direct, in your face and amazing.
 so, out of the corner of my evil eye this weekend,
on a wall and unannounced, were drawings that made me gasp, because i had never seen anything like them before. they were scratched onto the paper with a careful precision that appeared careless.
they were men grasping, grabbing, holding, kissing, fucking, sucking and being exactly what we all want our men to be. they were men being animals and taking what they want. they were breathless and sweaty hairy and masculine and strong. they were powerful and shameless. just the way it should be.

 Fran Kramer is the man responsible for making my eyes pop, my heart race, and my bone jump. he is making the most classic of art forms something new, yet, almost primitive. it's of the moment, you can feel the passion, feel the heat, smell the sweat and taste the reward. and i am proud to introduce him to the world.
look out, i think this is just the tip
 of what we will see.