i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

before G.I. Joe

one day, my dear friend, model agent extraordinaire Jason Kanner calls me to tell me he has this new kid, a street wise punk who can dance, move, and is gorgeous.
the kid showed up, amazing. loved him...
great attitude, energy, face, body, was perfect. i shot him about seven more times from the time he was 18 till about 22, he was one of my boys, and is one hell of a guy, still.
he moved to LA a few years ago, became G.I. Joe, and a few other lead charachters, and i'm sure we haven;'t seen the last of him.
Channing Tatum, he is truly a great man, here's the last shoot i did wuith him, the cover of the final issue of SPOON magazine.

i have this main shot framed 4feet by 4 feet in my living room, and it always gets a comment...


it was early January, 10 years ago, when i got a phone call from Genre magazine to shoot a vacation issue in Tampa. TAMPA?
what queen in their right mind goes on vacation to TAMPA!
luckily, my dear friend michael nash was vacationing (rather getting fucked through) Rio,
so we devised a plan to make sure i got there, fast!
Genre was excited, i was thrilled, and michael was psyched.
he lined up the models,
i got the clothes,
and one week later was on the flight down.
10 hours later, i woke up on the plane, 20 minutes left...
when i got off the plane, michael picked me up, and without hessitation
dropped me off with $40. to a bath house, and told me he'd pick me up in 5 hours.
5 hours later, a stretched mouth and, whatever later,
he picked me up and we started shooting the next morning.

we had incredible models, the location couldn't be more amazing, and the weather was unreal.
we shot for 3 days, and then i stayed for 7 more, since it was my birthday and i was celebrating my 35th that week.
2 romances later,
i returned to nyc, in pain, achy, numb, and dillusional.
ghonnoria, food and sun poisioning and crabs later, plus a shot in the ass for syphalis,
i walked out of my doctors and to bed for 4 days.
AH, Rio.
i love it!