i was almost an abortion

Friday, June 22, 2012

lets go queen, cause i'm ready

                do u know me?  cause i represent all the things about gay people that people detest.
                                                     and i wonder why i can't get laid!

at the end of the day,
as i kneel down to pray
for the things i have seen
that have been so extreme.
some of the things that i've heard
i find simply so absurd,
cause they come from the mouths
that know nothing about
when they hear themselves speak
they hear what they think is unique,
but to those who know better,
it sounds just like jibber,
from someone who is nothing
but thinks that she is something.
but from miles away
you can watch them decay
for their lives are about
nothing important,
i doubt
that they even exist
i know that
they wouldn't be missed,
for they just take up space
and destroy the human race
with their words and their face
which will soon be erased.

wiped out
who will miss
them at all,
just one guess,
no one at all,
so just smile as they fall.

oh, by the way...
happy gay pride girl,
i'm sure the people who actually suffered before us
would be very proud of you...

your moms not either.


Anonymous said...

Wow...j/o you think you are something special? You are the typical Gay asshole! All you celebrate is the twisted idea that all gay men should be porn stars with perfect bodies. You objectify men...you are pathetic. Too bad because you do have a wonderful eye as a photographer...it's just too bad that you are so shallow.

Joe Oppedisano said...

shallow? ok gurl, if thats what u got out of this, then i guess ur english as a 3rd language class is doing something...so, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Your inability to write in english leaves a lot to be desired, just like your attitude. Yes I do think you are shallow because you attack people that don't agree with you and your twisted ideology of what gay men should be. You need to learn to live and let live. You are nothing more than a tired New York queen who likes taking pictures of naked men...So get over yourself! Oh, and don't get it twisted...I choose to remain anonymous because I don't need you to copy a picture of me and put it on your site for your amusement and belittlement.

Joe Oppedisano said...

oh, ok, THATS why...lol, no, its because you love to point and make accusations, yet are too pussy to put your name on anything, because you are totally typical, afraid, and boring. and no, i don't get off shooting guys naked, damn, look at the photos bitch and get an eyeful of clothing everywhere i shoot. i was an editor for Vogue at 23, what were you doing?
as for my spelling, big fuckin deal, when i write, people listen, react and get it, so, move on baby, ur boring me to death

Anonymous said...

True...Death is the one thing that awaits you! WOW, you were an editor for Vogue...Boring. I was a talent scout for a major record label. Who Cares!!! The problem is you are just too full of yourself!! Oh...and by the way, I do a lot most of which is giving back to my community. Ok now I'm done with you! Cheers you sad little man.

Joe Oppedisano said...

funny Anon, the thing that makes me smile every time i read your posts is the fact that you had to go BACK onto my blog, BOMBARDING yourself with my images that you say don't do anything for you, and all you can talk about is how you indeed ARE giving back to the community (going back to the comments i had made about YOU. ugh, yawn. if u hate me so much, WHY DO YOU CONSTANTLY follow me?