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Monday, August 27, 2012

I Eat Cannibals

I Eat Cannibals - Remixed for Winnie Yu's Birthday Party 2010 ~

















when you wake up

it will be as if nothing before ever existed,

or never again would be.

it's the dawn of a new day,

a peaceful day

a day when man takes his final step into his evolution.

he has reached it, full circle,

and he no more cares to make the same mistakes twice.

when he opens his eyes,

he sees everything more clearly,

processes everything he hears with a sharper perception of where we were just 10,000 years ago...

we were cavemen.


and so, we do not ever want to take one step back,

not even for a day.

and so, he is man.

no longer child, no longer beast,

but man.




and a new day has begun.

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