i was almost an abortion

Sunday, August 26, 2012

weekend blowout

it's not over till the fat lady sings,
or i shoot my load anyway...
i'm not  a pump n dump kinda guy,
since it takes me forever to bust a nut,
but tonight, out of te blue,
i was on skype strokin with a pervert buddy of mine...
and boom,
like, from outta nowhere,
i just explode a nice big load of cum..
right onto the motel room rug.
love it.
i love never having to clean up after fucking at a motel.
isn't it just expected that when you are sleeping in a room
where there's huge windows that face a pool,
and people keep their doors open, just askew...
isn't it ok to just say fuck it n bust ur nut on the fuckin floor?
damn, i'd take a crap on the bed before i left but
i kinda like this place,
and can assume i'll probably cum back.
i can smell old dried up cum in the carpet intermingling with mine...
creating some super strength staph infection ready to explode on jay's body.
ok, i'm done.

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