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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slave To Love

Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love [Special 12" Mix]

theres no escape...
the strong get rich,
the rich get poor,
and every step of the way, up or down,
we all experience happiness if we are fortunate,
troubled times if we are not cautious,
smiles and help from friends,
if we have had any luck finding them,
if they were ever even there...
slaves to love,
we are all a slave to somethng,
love, power, drugs...
it's a vicious cycle,
harder than crack or heroin to get away from,,
because theres always the chance...
that chance,
we never know, we never rest,
we can't escape,
because even when it's found,
true love
can still be wrecked at any minute.
or maybe, just maybe,
that wasnt really the love i was waiting for all this time.
so we are never safe,
always sorry,
and then, back to square one
or so it seems,
we're too young to reason,
to grown up to dream...

 i once thought i had the most incredible group of friends a man could ask for.
it wasn't such a long time ago either...
now, after the smoke from the fire has cleared, and i can see straight,
as i look around, i notice i have a lot less of them around me.
they who are gone,
said iwas too hard to live with, deal with,
and so, they stopped believing that there was in me,
the slave to love.
the love of my work,
my philosophy of life and art,
my wisdom of having been there, too many times, and still,somehow, alive.
i will always make it through
so don't you worry about me,
because i am always fine.

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