i was almost an abortion

Monday, August 27, 2012

Like A Virgin 2012

Madonna Vs Calvin Harris - Like A Virgin 2012 (Dj FmSteff Mash-Up Radio ...

i'd been had!
i was sad and blue,
but you made me feel,
shinny and new...
gonna give u all my love boy,
me fear is fading fast,
strap on a dildo
and fuck your ass!

i have everything i needed to get done today
in record time i might add.
amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you.
i feel like a virgin,
clean, fresh, untouched by molesting hands
that want nothing more than to bring me down.
i made it through the wilderness.
somehow i made it through,
2 weeks of hell and solitude.
so now i know
what i don't want,
lesson learned,
i get it,
you think i'd do the same thing over?
you're wrong,
get lost,
move on.
you're about to see
an amazing feat
on larger scales
than can be believed.
no smoke and mirrors
no tricks or schemes
it's now or never,
and it's extreme.
another place
another time,
i see what's coming,
i'm gonna make it mine.



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