i was almost an abortion

Sunday, June 3, 2012

31 days

30 days has september
april jun and november
all the rest have 31.
which means i don't have a lot of time to get my shit together and get this video project done.
i had a fun couple i practiced videoing last night.
i love having friends who call me up and ask me to shoot them fucking.
good friends.
they keep me motivated,
and boned...
always a good combo.
last night took my videoing a little further,
as somethin,
i can't tell u what...
happened which made the perspective even more interactive.
brought it to a different level,
and made the video have a vintage 3D feel that i've not yet seen.
it was cool to look at the foootage and gag.
i rarely gag at anything i do,
i never gag at anything anyone else does,
well, rarely...
but this was an experiment gone right.
it's starting to flow.
it's taking shape and forming itself
without much help, just from practice.
i am starting to understand the importance of every move i make lately,
as every move is taking me closer to a place i've envisioned my entire life.
another place.
another step.
a higher level.
i hate to sound conceided, but...
i think i will do something that will be so different.
modern, yet classic.
interesting, but still hot.
done with my flavor of surprise,
twists, and turns that take your mind to a place you never dreamed.
yet, at the same time,
will keep your cock dripping.
oozing cum.
that's my job.
that's what i do.
and honestly,
i know i do it better than anyone else.
so now, for the next month,
i reign myself in.
hone in and disect,
reevaluate what i've done,
reinvent what's been done,
and retaliate against what the studios do,
recreate, rethink and redo
everything that you know,
everything you've seen,
everything you thought.
it's a hard job,
but somebodys gotta do it.


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