i was almost an abortion

Sunday, January 20, 2013

he was ready.

Ben Liebrand Minimix 12-02-2011 - Sade vs Robin S - Pearls 4 Luv

up hundreds and thousands of steps,
twisting and turning through corridors without doors,
always uphill,
scared and without hope...
till there was nothing else to do,
nowhere else to go, 
no one left to beg for help...
the end of the road.

as he looked down at himself, he felt sad.
he had once been at the top of his game.
but that seemed like a million years ago... 
his vision was unique, 
his approach was twisted with a sense of humor,
his technique, flawless.
he had done it his way with his style,
without much work,
and with much love...
he had faced the music,
he had danced the dance.
he lived a life he didn't choose...
but he had lived hard, loved deeply, 
and lost everything in an instant.

he still was the one they all tried to emulate.
they knew he wouldn't give up so easily. 
now it was the right moment to snatch it back.
it was time.

he was ready.

(it was at that very moment when he realized
 just how truly god-damned fierce he was...)

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