i was almost an abortion

Sunday, January 20, 2013


2 different men,
from 2 different worlds,
with 2 different earlier career choices,
in a world of billions of people
had a similar vision...
but with 2 different styles,
and 2 different approaches,
these 2 different men 
on 2 different paths
with 2 different goals
became 1 in a bond
that no one can break.
he is always kind.
he has always been my friend.
he is insane, hysterical, bold, brutal and shy 
all at the same time.
his wisdom goes beyond what books can teach,
his influence is understandable,
and his past...
his past is what legends are made of.
(did you know he is the person responsible for signing Metalica!?)
and in the end, 
he is a friend.
he is always there,
and always true.
he never lies...
he doesn't have to.
today i spent the day with him,
Mr. Michael Alago.
a character that any actor would die to play.
he and i get compared to,
people think we don't like each other
but the fact remains the sane...
he is my sister,
and i live for her...
thanks for an amazing day,
and a wonderful dinner...

i am very lucky to have such great friends...

the man himself...

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