i was almost an abortion

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doesn't Really Matter

how can i be
the very best of me
when everything i do
is something always new?
no matter how i try
one thing can't be denied,
that every step i take
is one step more than you'll ever make.
it doesn't seem to be
any different for me
to make one more mistake
when there's trouble, i elate,
cause from ashes do i rise
and return from my demise.
i've been down this road before,
and it's never been a bore,
for the problems that i've had
are now miles away from bad.
i've tried to make a change
i've tried to rearrange
i've given up false hope
and found a way to cope
with making each day more
than where i was before.
i might not be the best
but i'm better than the rest
who never learn from their mistakes
instead i challenge to be great.
so say what you'd like to say,
it doesn't matter anyway.

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