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Monday, April 23, 2012

the normal mind


what's it like to be normal?
i wondered...
where how and why does a normal mind get inspired?
who what and when does the normal eye find time to really look deep, to get a closer, or different view of something, anything, in the world?
why do i crave things that i know are bad for me?
when i do them, why do they make my mind journey to places unknown to me before,
or take me so far and dark that when i reopen my eyes when i'm not doing them, that it gives me a warped sense of perception that mutes the average world and diminishes or zooms in and focus' on it's most hideous, or incredible creatures, visions, feelings, or emotions.
how come the things that i know make me crazy, are the ones i need most?
where is my mind going when it decides to go so deep, and
what am i thinking to want to keep going back there?

how is it possible that i am not dead yet?

there's no turning back,
there's no time for shame,
cause a life without living,
is one thing about me you can't say.

i make no excuses,
i have zero shame,
i did what i did,
and it's only me i can blame.
but blame i won't do,
for i know i followed through,
and come out a better man
the proud, and the few.

so, have fun being normal,
is all i can say.
cause i wouldn't have had it,
any other way.

 erik rhodes for http://www.blacksmoke.org/
 tober brandt for http://www.blacksmoke.org/
me, sot by erik rhodes, for http://www.blacksmoke.org/

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