i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

and there it is...

maybe the last person you'd expect,
the one you chose to overlook,
by chance, all these years,
would be the one person you never dreamed would be
the one who's mind would be in synchcronisity
with similar perplexity
to what you store, deep inside of thee.
but then, one day,
out of nowhere,
something happens,
something's changed...
something's morphed, and rearranged.
for what you saw as black,
is really fuscia, up close.
and how and why in the world,
could you have not seen it before?

it doesn't matter in the end,
in the long run it just depends,
on the way you choose to comprehend,
all the things you now know,
and then,
the choice is yours,
the time has come,
you see yourself,
looking differently...
the things you now can clearly see,
are the ones that will make the rest of your life,
magically, turn right into your destiny.

so now you know...

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