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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

brighter days

And so it was,
he now understood,
his life would change 
from bad to good.
but special thought
and intensive care
were things he needed
to take him there.
no more excuses,
the time had come
for this boy from nowhere
to get him some.
the boy was now a man
and so, you understand,
he needed to take a stand
to begin his life
as now, a man.
the days of his excessive ways
were now reserved for certain days.
he'd still have fun,
he'd still be crazy,
but now he'd have those times
when he wasn't hazy.
his life would be,
his life could be,
his dream come true,
for eternity.
because his lessons now were learned,
his past, his past,
now overturned.
he'd hone his mind
he'd perfect his craft,
he'd make amends
he'd make them fast.
for time was running out for him,
he'd no longer rely on just a whim,
for now he saw
even through the haze,
a chance to live
in brighter days

Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter days (Louie Vega mix)

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