i was almost an abortion

Sunday, July 29, 2012

doesn't matter anyore.

as the car pulled up into the driveway,
he noticed for he very first time,
just how overgrown the garden in front of the house was.
the weeds had taken over the flowers in spades,
and there was grass so high,
that looked like it could be a wheat field.
thelawn ball which had once stood out majestically due to it's red shine,
was almost not even able to be seen.
it was then that he looked up and saw
that the drainage pipe on the side of the house
was also disheveled.
it was broken, and almost coming off the brick.
and the window for the garage...
when did it crack?
when did any of it crack?
why didn't he pay better attention to his beloved home?

 it wasn't an all together odd question,
but in fact, it was...
because he never ever had cared,
until now
when it didn't matter to him anymore.

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Anonymous said...

How fine and beatifull
Luiz Ristow