i was almost an abortion

Sunday, July 1, 2012

my minds made up...

oleta adams..the rhythm of life..(rev jefferson's deeper rhythm mix)

climbin' every mountain...
always killing time.
chemicals in space go round,
monday i've got friday on my mind...

tick tock
goes the clock,
round n round
can't hold me down.
what i used to see
as misery,
i can now step back and see with glee,
as nothing more than faded memories...
angles cry
when they hear that tune,
past is over,
no more time for gloom.
it's the rhythm of life...
my minds made up,
chiseled away
all my darkest habits...

give a girl a future...
give her what she needs.
teach her lifes a long flat road,
maybe she'll have better luck than me.
works so hard
like she's still in school,
works so hard,
cause this girls no fool...
time will come
i know you'll see,
everything you once thought of me,
is just a distant dream
of someone that i used to be.

angels cry
when they hear that tune,
i learned my lessons well,
and not at all too soon.
say what you will,
thing is,
i'm here, alive...

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