i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry !!!!!!!!!

Madonna - Sorry (Official Music Video)

what started as very 
ended up being something he hadn't sought...
 he never expected
what had become
a huge dilema
to overcome.
nothing nasty had crossed his mind,
his intentions were never to be unkind...
never more would he be defined
as someone who was not refined...
he always tried,
he always said
he'd not cause trouble
in others beds.
he tried his hardest to, instead,
be kind, be gentle, 
and be not mislead,
by problems of men
who wished him dead.

and when he realized that he had made a mess,
he said "i'm sorry"
and then confessed,
he wouldn't ever hurt a fly,
that's exactly the reason why
he didn't know
from where this came...
but now in disgust 
some said his name...
"i didn't mean it...
you have it wrong!" 
but alas no one would hear his song. 

and so it happened,
one summers eve,
hopefully by fall,
it will be relieved.

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