i was almost an abortion

Friday, August 24, 2012

so sorry.

you said that you felt "sorry for me"
ya mean it?
i mean,
usually if someone felt sorry for another for an unfortunate series of hideous life changing events...
they would reach out their hand,
offer support,
and a cup of coffee,
and then, after talking, calmly,
would there maybe be some resolution and calmness.
it's not like you have anything to feel sorry about me for.
i'm my own man.
i live as i want.
do hat i want, when i want, with whom i want.
i'm not afraid,
i don't scare easily,
and i'm not ashamed.
if i was...
i would be ashamed of the fact that i even let you into my life
and showed you emotion of what humanity is really like.
but i aint even ashamed of that.
cause i



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