i was almost an abortion

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Avicii (playlist)

Sometimes when it happens,
i get all welled up inside.
like nothing i ever felt before,
makes me nervous,
but also pride.
there was something in the way in which it was said.
without raising a voice, pretension, judgments,
but no, instead...
was said with honesty, simplicity and knowledge
of the great promise that lies ahead.
no one had ever told me that,
no one had ever said,
 that it's ok,
  be not afraid,
there's something you should know...
your knowledge is your power,
go forward,
don't look back,
always be prepared for an attack,
nothing's simple,
nothing is fair,
you pay the price,
you roll the dice,
hope for the best,
but don't expect.
nothing that is worth a damn
is ever really free.
 but the price you pay
may seem an outrage
but it's just part of the plan.
what it all comes down to really,
the very end,
is a very simple thing to understand.
be kind, be gentle, be sweet, be nice
 and most of all,
                           just be my friend.

I miss him, badly,
but honestly i can say,
i will survive if by some chance, 
he goes the other way.
just as happy, just as proud, 
but maybe not the way
i would feel if we resolved this now,
don't let time slip away...


                 time is fleeting.
no time to be proud.
common, really? 
i just don't understand.
all the things that we've been through, most happy, some sad, through sickness, health and love...all the days and nights 
for so many years,
my friend, 
this cannot really be the end. ???

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