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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Long way home

Long way home

Joe Oppedisano <joeoppedisano1@gmail.com>
4:47 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
It wasn't until he reached the platform of the train home, when, after the long hideous day had come to basically, an end, that he took a deep breath of mass transit air and for the first time in what seemed like years, felt at ease, and was excited to get back to where he now called "home"...home for now, anyway.
It was not that he wasn't happy where he was, for it was a place that called him into an easy relaxed head space, and a place where the love of his life lay now, anxiously awaiting his return...for he knew he could be in worse situations, as he had been before, it just was he knew deep down in his heart that somewhere out there, there was the place he always dreamed of, a place where his body could completly relax, rest, and be sure that it never had to go anywhere else, ever. He smiled inside and his heart warmed as his eyes swelled with tears. Tears of hope for a brighter future, tears of sadness for the home he once had and tears of sheer pride, for he was finally standing on his own, though wobbly, he was still standing.
That was something he had forgotten the feeling of, and it felt amazing.
This day was tough, but it was done, and he was headed home.

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