i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

trials and tribulations of true love

have you lost your mind?
can you even hear yourself,
and if so, do you understand what your saying
or have you totally forgotten what really happened?

it amazes me.
someone who you once loved,
someone who you shared a life with,
someone who you thought, even after all that,
was your friend...
turns out they are actually more sinister,
more hideous and evil
than your worst enemy could possibly ever be.
there of course,
is a back story...
one with twists and turns
highs and lows
ups and downs
that have brought you both to this place of uncertainty.
he said, she said,
we did,
you did...
fingers point, 
tables turn,
what once was good goes bad
another lesson learned.
but why is it that no one remembers that there was once upon a time, a long time ago, when we were one. when we loved, we laughed, we supported, we helped and most importantly, we cared for each other...before the milk went sour, the two of us held each other close, whispered that this, we hoped, was forever, and we sweetly kissed, softly touched, and surely wished that the moment would never end. can't we all just get along? don't you see that what you did effected me, very badly? or, is there just no sense of moral left in your body...
because, how i see it...
if you loved someone, i mean, really loved...
you will always love them, somehow...deep down.
they will always have a place in your heart...
things go wrong, things change...
but true love never completely dies...

why do we have to do this?
i said i was sorry...
is it so hard for you to see how you've hurt me?
and really...
do i deserve that?

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