i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

- What About Us

The Saturdays - What About Us (Remix Lyric Video)

what about us doing what we did and not expecting to get caught?
what about the nights we started making love but in the end we just fought?
what about the times i asked too much of you
it seems as if they leave everything up to me
is that the case? is it true?
am i all on my own now?
even though i'm supposed to be with you?
it's time that everything around us
comes crumbling down...
we can't continue doing all the shit we used to do
it makes a mockery of the times when i say
"i love you"

it's time to move on from doing things 
as we always do.
there's signs out there
yet we neglect them and turn away.
but from the warnings i've  detected
there's no more time,
it's gone way beyond decay.

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