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Monday, February 18, 2013

nothing is everything we need

 Art of noise Moments in love ~ Rare Version

When put into it's proper perspective,
not over analyzed,
or simplified,
everything is relevant 
and everything has it's own special 
something of something,
whatever it may be,
to offer the world.
everything is something.
nothing is even something 
when you understand that 
without whatever it is,
all of a sudden 
someone, somewhere will inevitably 
miss it, want it, and need it somehow,  
for something.
somewhere, someone who has everything,
wants nothing...
even if just to try it for a few minutes.
but most usually they come back to 
wanting it all.

we all seem to want it all.
we usually crave the impossible,
settle for something that resembles it
or, close enough,
compare it to the thing we originally swore we had to have
and then 
get irritated when it 
can't possibly measure up.

is that fair? 
or, fair enough to say?

is everything we think we want
nothing we really need,
but really something 
we have to have
because deep down we know 
we can't ever really have it 
in the first place?

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