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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Supermodel of the world

(LUCY, sitting pretty while the camera's rolled)

now i understand exactly how my sister felt the first time my niece or nephew did something major, like, take their first step...say "mama", or sashayed down a runway...
well, maybe it's not exactly the same but there's something very parental about seeing one of your children, in my case, dogs, do something monumental...something that may change their direction in life forever...something that made me so proud, so happy, filled my heart with joy and burst my eyes into tears...
now, i know she isn't technically my dog, but today while i was shooting a new web fashion look book for a new company, my dog, Buddy, who is actually, officially named Buddy Turlington, after Christie, his God-mother, (not really but in my fucked up imaginary twisted head, it is...) is usually the star of the show. when he walks down the runways at fashion week, the paparazzi goes insane, but today, he did the supermodel-like thing and let the new, fresh face in the room have center stage, and Lucy, my room mate Craig's gorgeous mixed pooch who we love so so much, took the reins and gave good face, and the rest, as they say, is history. her modeling techniques, learned from the few months of diligent training with Buddy, paid off, and she booked not one, but TWO fashion editorials...
we are so proud of lil LuLu, and we see a bright future for her, in fact, i am on the phone with Giorgio (yes, Armani) now discussing the rate for her for the next campaign, so, later!

the portfolio of Mr. Buddy Turlington 

     (Buddy and Daddy, Fire Island)


Anonymous said...

U definitely say it, sexy daddy wowowowow muwah love u

Lucien said...

What a great picture of you Sir. I have one form a few years ago you sent me and this one is even handsomer
-Mark Lucien