i was almost an abortion

Monday, March 11, 2013



another day another dollar...
i wish.
trying to reinvent myself is much harder than i thought it would be.
first of all, people have, from what i've been told...a very strange misconception that i am a mess.
who they heard that from is questionable...
(i've asked around, trust me)
but the truth be told, on all accounts,
i have been thinking to myself that i was wasting time thinking too much about when where how and why, and, especially IF this caterpillar would ever emerge from her cocoon and fly again..but, in actuality, i think the anticipation is being way overlooked by me, and that instead of worrying, what i have been doing (actually as i worry-i'm a multi-taskin' A.D.D.-beotch!) is that as i sit here in jersey wonderin', wishin', hopin', prayin', n freakin, i have been turning out some of, i think, the best work of my life. and not only am i turning it out, but i am actually designing and configuring it in a way that maybe makes it something that everyone else won't be able to so quickly copy.
cause i am so tired of being molested by all these fuckers who use my light, brain, talent etc., and yet still don't hire me.
but whatever.
i've moved on, up and now, i'm out!

new pic of me n Buddy, yesterday, St. Patrick's day parade in jersey city...

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