i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

thank u

Beyoncé - 
Love On Top

 you're the one i love,
you're the one i need,
 you're the only one i see...

so...here we are. 
             well...here i am.
at the start of the beginning of my new life as i struggle to forcefully shut and close the door on my existing one. nothing good comes easy, or, so they say, and this aint been easy. but, easy aint my speed either.
in general, on an average, i fuck up more than not...
but i'm still here.
i'm still(barely)standing (on crutches), but...
and i still looks good. (from very far away),

and cumming tomorrow;
    "why's that guy so hard??"
                                  Rocco Hard 


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