i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

caverns of his mind

it's amazing, he thought, just how little 
rest and nourishment the body actually really needs...
it occurred to him that his life was probably almost more than half over at this point, and there had been so many precious memories, incredible trips, wonderful times with family and friends, as well as high and low points, of course, but what they all added up to was, in the end, he thought, good. 
there were times he could naturally recall, which he wasn't exactly proud of, but none he would have ever missed, not even a second of. for it was those times that gave him perspective, showed him a different angle, or way to approach something similar, if, God help him, it ever came up. and it was that knowledge that he kept locked away, deep inside the cavers of his mind, that he cherished most, because they let him know, for fact, that yea, he might-a fucked up, but he was still here, he was still strong, and he was still alive.

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