i was almost an abortion

Saturday, April 6, 2013

fuking while on greindr

Get your story straight,
dear God, please,
don't think that i'm as dumb as i look,
you said that your night was free,
so i said "let's hang out" you said yes,
and then it got mixed up somehow,
when you actually met me...
if for some reason you weren't into it,
just say that girl,
your not as i thought you'd be either,
but i handled it correctly
and there it is...
you all of a sudden had made some plans,
with someone, somewhere,
i don't understand...
your "friends" sent you some kind of "reminder'
i guess that's the text you were replying to on Grindr.
i just would love if for one minute
we could start acting like grown ups
and not twits...
but we gays don't know how to be
nice to others, unless, you see,
it will somehow benefit us
and then, well, please...
we bend over backwards
we make a fuss,
but only when it is in the interest of whats good for us.
but i aint stupid!
i'm no fool...
i'll tell u one thing
then i'll let it rest,
is that cool?
i didn't expect
not for a sec
that you and i would ever be
together forever till the end of time
for all of eternity,
but i was funny, i was nice,
i was cordial, and even was pleasant enough to bite my tongue
when you all of a sudden had time for me to take some pics of you(for free),
while your "friends" were waiting.
after you left,
i began debating
what to do about this, so,
here i am ventilating...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

God Joe - you are so bitter and nasty most of the time.........
full of self loathing and entitled..
Ive been reading your blog for a few years and it seems so obvious that you expect to attract respect yet have so little for everyone else on the planet.....try loving yourself a little more....a little more honey and a lot less vinegar....jeeze...