i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

all i ever wanted

i never said i was perfect,

perfect is an illusion i was placed under.

perfect is something that is nearly impossible to achieve.

perfect is what i was

before i let myself believe that what you thought, mattered.

now i have given myself the respect

to acknowledge the fact

that i am not perfect.

i know for a fact that what i do

isn't incredible,

it's only superficial,

but i also give myself the credit to know

that i did it my way.

by myself,

without anyone's help.

i climbed every rock,

i swam every sea,

i jumped every canyon,

i flew higher than i ever dreamed i could,

and somehow, to someone,

i made a difference.

maybe i made someone smile.

maybe i brightened someones day.

maybe i made someone laugh.

i never meant to make them cry.

i only wanted to bring joy to the world,

any little way that i could.

i don't have much to give,

but what i give, i hope is good enough.

if i made a difference,

then i succeeded.

and that's all i ever wanted.

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