i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Try Again

dusk turned to dawn,
and in those precious hours,
time passed, and wounds healed.
all of the heartbreak once felt
was washed over by a new day, another hope.
and even though some of the past still showed through
there was something quite calming and sobering,
just knowing that what was once troublesome and hurtful,
would soon be gone forever.
it would never be completely forgotten,
for if it was, it wouldn't have been so hard to step away from.
it would serve as a reminder that sometimes, love hurts,
and the deepest cuts are most often made by the ones we love.
they are the ones with the power and knowledge
on how to hurt us the most.
it's sad that the ones who cause the deepest pain
are also the ones who, at one time, we thought we couldn't live without.
it's unfortunate that they couldn't give just a little bit more,
try just a little bit harder,
or listen just a little bit longer.
but then again, if they had,
we wouldn't have had to let them go.

so, at first you didn't succeed,
brush yourself off and try again,
because there is something else waiting,
just around the corner.
something that will make you happy,
make you smile,
and be there for you...always.

...and then, without another tear drop falling,
the sun came out,
and a new day had begun.

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