i was almost an abortion

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take Care

i know you've been hurt by someone else,
i can tell by the way you
carry yourself.
if you let me,
here's what i'll do
i'll take care of you.

i've loved and i've lost...

you've seen all my mistakes,
they were not hidden so well, were they?
i never covered them up,
not so good anyway.
i've tried,
i always try,
and in the end,
doesn't the good outweigh the bad?
didn't my heartfelt, sincere honest ways,
make any difference?

didn't they?

doesn't the fact that i'm standing here,
right now,
with nothing to hide,
nothing to gain,
and everything to lose...
doesn't that mean anything?

so if you let me,
here's what i'll do,
i'll stop the insanity,
start myself over,
believe in myself,
have trust in your love,
have faith in your kindness,
and have strength and conviction
to make things right for us,
and i promise you this,
i'll take care of you.

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