i was almost an abortion

Thursday, March 15, 2012

u needed me

the clock is ticking
the ticks and tocks get louder by the minute.
the cook-oo
sounds louder than a train wreck,
it's deafening.
i know my time is almost up,
i understand i overstood my stay,
but i didn't think that it had gotten so bad,
made you so upset,
effected you this way...
had i,
i would have bowed out a long time ago.
cause the truth is,
it's not that easy for me either.
just cause i got it together n look so good,
doesn't mean that deep inside,
i aint trippin'
but i know now what i have to do,
i'll make my exit now,
or rather, very soon.
and then, once i'm gone,
you'll have time enough alone,
without anyone,
to make you see that,
in fact....

you needed me.

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