i was almost an abortion

Saturday, April 14, 2012

morning glory in nyc

something funny happened today,
on the way home from a tricks,
on a side street in manhattan,
outside of the motel he was staying at,
walking by the garbage trucks picking up trash,
is when it happened...
without warning.
it just became like a jike
the moment that it started,
i was walking,
ass full of jizz,
piss, and spit...
my cell phone rang
and when i went through my pockets to pick it up,
i fell.
sprained my ankle,
and fell, head first,
into the garbage truck.
at first i wobbled,
head first.
nothing could stop me,
i hurled through the air,
wig went that way,
fake nails the other,
my what i thought was butch clutch fell into the street,
and made chaos and insanity a manditory moment of craziness for that time.
and then,
without wasting a moment i,
without missing a beat,
without trying or fretting,
i picked myself up
brushed myself off,
and kept on walkin...

keep on movin' don't stop no....


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