i was almost an abortion

Sunday, May 20, 2012

i am that man

i am that man.
or i've become him, anyway,
the fact is i had no idea this would be happening, yesterday,
my views of self perception seem,
to make me see i'm not so lean...
although i eat everything that i can see
is that whats made this pig of me?
i never tried
i never thought
i never knew
i always fought
the perception that i'd see of me,
was one of poise and dignity,
but i see now, i was misunderstood,
thinking all the time that i looked good!
today i did it,
that awful thing,
i sucked my gut in
so that the kids couldn't see,
my fat belly protruding over
no belt, so jeans i was tripping over,
my gut was huge
i couldn't let
them see the pig i am,
and then they'd get
that smirk, that glow
they could say about me,
"he's that big fat guy 
sucking in so i can't see,
his big fat belly, protruding oh so glamerously!"
i stopped,
i stammered,
i rose, then fell,
i had gone, no detours,
all the way to hell.
and there i was
a big fat pig...
his gut his thighs, his chins, his big
fat tremendous amounts of skin,
then i stood back,
where the hell had i just been?
i looked down,
took a breath,
threw my head back,
and then guesses,
i'd put on more
 than i needed to,
so now it's time,
get back in check,
cause presentation,
is where it's at.

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