i was almost an abortion

Sunday, May 20, 2012

chris raucci sighting-BEWARE!

what goes around comes around.
and around,
and around.

i thought i was finally over, past, and moved on
from my wicked evil, distrustful ex, chris raucci...
until i got a text today,
from a friend,
(who he cheated on me with)
just another lie...
nothing to really hate my friend over,
he's just an idiot...
but he said he ran into the young mr. unreliable.
apparently, nothing in his life has changed.
he's still living the high life
on someone else' drugs,
cheating, lying, stealing, and, well, breathing.
that's the one i can't deal with
is the breathing part.
i know i'm over him,
so why do i still wanna ring his neck whenever i think of him?
 if i didn't still care,
would i still have even feelings of hideous torture being committed on his lifeless soul?
maybe i'll just be greatful he's outta my life.
thank god.

and so, i know, i am, my own man.
with or without that mess!

 ugh, i hate him.

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